We Will Be Ready — For Now Let’s Tame this Viral Beast

Good day to all of our great clients. We do miss the regular face to face meetings. Having you in our office is truly something we miss right now. Social distancing is critical during this surreal period with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I have no doubt we will get through this. I absolutely and unequivocally believe in human ingenuity. We have what it takes to get past this so let’s all do our part, and then some.

I have a considerable amount of capital markets updates to push out to you and I shall spend the weekend getting it summarized in some readable form. But today seems more about what we can do to tame this viral beast, so let’s focus on that. Capital markets will heal and allocate to great business’s later. Our Advisory team is working hard to strategize winning ideas on the other side of this. Opportunities abound to have great returns in the coming years. 

We will be ready. 

Two articles making the rounds speak volumes. Please pass these along to as many in your network as possible:

Here in my house we have two of our three daughters self isolating with us. My garden has never looked better at this time of year. After very early reviews of overseas markets and huge volumes of data and opinion, the garden has provided me with some sanity. If I could find a silver lining it would be my gratefulness that this isolation is not occurring during the windy, horizontal rain, power failure months. 

As a final note. In downtown Vancouver there is a shift change at St Paul’s hospital at 7pm. Some utter genius had an idea to say thank you to the health care workers for their selfless service. People go outside, isolated on their patios, and give a cheer of thanks. I have attached a link so you can tune in. Brings tears to my eyes daily.

Please stay well and watch over everyone you can. Our entire team is hard at it and waiting for the day it’s safe to see you again.