“Time” Will Tell

I hope this finds you all well and safe.

We are going through an unprecedented health scare. That remains the only thing we think you should be totally focused on. Defence.

We are NOT going through an unprecedented time in capital markets. For me, writing on behalf of the Precision Wealth Management team, this is my third major pullback while being in an Advisory role. And like the images below demonstrate, we’ve seen how this movie ends in the investment environment. Please take “Time” to study it.

We are getting through a lot of data and market material. All Advisors on our team are connected to each other, sharing ideas and strategies, discussing how we keep you calm and get everyone through this. Much of the recent material we are seeing now suggests that even if we are not at a market bottom, the go forward strategies from the top portfolio managers are coalescing, because they and their underlying investment companies have been there, done that, and this is when they earn their keep. They know all too well that the coming days don’t matter in markets, the coming years do. Portfolio Managers tend to be a bit of a twisted lot. They worry in the good times and are downright giddy in the bad times. Because this is when the money gets made. And they are giddy now. Shopping with huge sale prices and some stocks with discounts far beyond logic, as “Time” will tell.

Stay tuned, stay well. Share this with any and all of your network. We’re doing our utmost to help everyone.