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The retirement advice most people don’t expect

Spend more money, have more fun, give more away

Ted Rechtshaffen: You worked for many years to be in a good financial position — now is the time to realize some of the benefits. The clock is ticking

One of our key roles is to help clients understand their money. What does the balance mean in terms of how they can live? We are educators as well as Investment Advisors. What are safe retraction rates and how do we balance current cash flow needs with comfort we won’t run out, or, won’t leave too much behind? For many of our clients, we have been advising them to have more fun, fly at the front of the plane, drink better wine. Because we are comfortable we’ve seen the rest of people’s financial lives through the eyes of others. We want to be leaned on for this important context in people’s financial lives.

The article herein captures the essence of the client conversations our office has been having for many years. Enjoy!