Scientists and Health Professionals study COVID-19

It’s Not Just About the Antibodies

Through many conversations with different individuals we’ve heard more than once that people feel they had, and lived through, COVID-19, stating it’s the worst they’ve ever felt. Some have, and some haven’t been tested, and it makes you wonder if COVID-19 was here earlier than we thought. Some research states that we build antibodies that help fight off the disease, but these antibodies only last for a certain period, leaving people susceptible to contracting the disease again later in time.

As we continue to get barraged with negative news and new infections surrounding COVID-19, we try to look to the brighter side and good news stories around this pandemic whether be getting closer to a treatment, vaccine, or declining numbers.

My friend, a nurse at Island Health, shared this news article with me the other day:

We now have the best evidence yet that everyone develops long-term coronavirus immunity after infection — and it’s not just about antibodies

This article is positive news that our scientists and health care professionals around the globe are learning more about this debilitating (for some) disease and encouraging information about immunity. Read more to find some encouragement!