To be an Islander or not to be an Islander?

While I am far from a poet, I would consider myself an Islander, having spent the first quarter century of my life on Vancouver Island. In 2012, following the completion of my Business Degree, my wife Jackie (girlfriend at the time) convinced me to hop the pond and move to Vancouver with her. In hindsight, it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made, but at the time I only agreed with a fuss. That is in reference to the move, of course – marrying her was the best decision I’ve ever made (full disclosure—she reads these blogs too). Five years later, we were expecting a little addition, and both envisioned a lifestyle with a backyard—not a 600 square foot apartment in Gastown.

At the time, I was employed as a Research Analyst, tailoring investment portfolios for high net worth individuals while Jackie (my wife) was an Accountant specializing in income tax. Our careers were flourishing and ‘dual-income-no-kids’ had its perks—especially living in a city such as Vancouver. Since moving back to Vancouver Island in late 2017, and welcoming Hudson to the family 10 months ago, I am shocked to be working Toronto hours again! This time, daddy-duty is calling from the other room at 5:40am instead of the morning alarm waking me up before the stock market’s opening bell. I pause to consider, ‘this too shall pass,’ as Hudson pushes his third and fourth teeth through his upper gums.

Between my career on the mainland and making the transition to be an independent business owner, I was employed by a local financial institution as a Financial Consultant. I quickly realized that I needed to return to an independent firm to be able to put the interests of my clients first. At Precision Wealth Management, we promote full transparency and recommend a flat fee for service model where there are no incentives to recommend internally managed proprietary investment solutions—ones that have greater compensation for the advisor and the firm. With proprietary investments, I felt conflicted. My moto is to eat my own cooking; if I wouldn’t consume my own advice, then who am I to serve it to clients?

I am an Islander and am proud to call myself a Professional Wealth Advisor at Precision Wealth Management. We are a highly talented group that spend the time to foster strong relationships with our clients.

Our clients know that they come first as we have no one to answer to but to them.