GIC Rates Centre

Precision Wealth Management is pleased to announce the launch of our GIC centre on the main website. Please look at banner at the top for Today’s GIC Rates. We update daily. We will add an option to have you sign up for a weekly email showing best rates of the week.

As Registered Deposit Brokers we can offer you the best GIC rates from dozens of major financial institutions. Because we are independent, we have access to many institutions and plans. CDIC insurance is often better than found at major Canadian Banks. From the high daily interest rate plans, fully linked to your regular chequing account, to the top 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 year rates in the market, we are ready to help. Suppliers include Credit Unions, Insurance companies, Mortgage companies, Trust companies and Banks.

With a simple click on our ‘Contact Us to Invest,’ and we will make it happen.

As always, our aim is to offer you the best solutions for all your needs.

Contact us with any questions about this convenient new service today