Magazine Headlines Deter Investors

Headlines Sell Magazines—But Do They Help You Invest?

If you followed your investing strategy based on the headlines of major news publications, you would not be blamed for never investing. News headlines can be overly negative because that is what sells.
As a former trader, we used to joke that you do the opposite of whatever is on the cover of the Economist. This is not to say that much of what is written is untrue, it is just lagging by weeks or months. The markets are forward-looking, […]


“Time” Will Tell

I hope this finds you all well and safe.
We are going through an unprecedented health scare. That remains the only thing we think you should be totally focused on. Defence.
We are NOT going through an unprecedented time in capital markets. For me, writing on behalf of the Precision Wealth Management team, this is my third major pullback while being in an Advisory role. And like the images below demonstrate, we’ve seen how this movie ends in the investment environment. […]

Top Tips for Wealth Management in an Uncertain Economy

Top 3 Tips for Wealth Management Planning in an Uncertain Global Economy

At Precision Wealth Management we are strong believers that ‘living wealthy’ is a process. Rather than being about a short-term goal, it’s the result of years of smart, strategic wealth management planning, with financial partners you trust. It can be hard to know when to stay the course, and when to alter your wealth management planning strategies. This is even more the case when worldwide economies are in a time of higher-than-average flux.
Market volatility can be a stressful and […]

Commentary on the Markets & Coronavirus

Market Commentary: ‘Stay Patient’

A message from Cliff Broetz, Leader of Strategic Development, on behalf of the Precision Wealth Management Team.
Dear Clients,I was recently reminded of an article I wrote in 2008, when there was a financial crisis and every day was challenging. I wrote about remaining steadfast at my desk for long hours to calm frayed nerves. If clients needed me, I was there. And the next article I wrote changed just slightly to say, ‘you will now find me working hard […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus, the Markets, and Your Portfolio

At Precision Wealth Management, we see what’s happening in the markets. To us it is an emotional reaction to world events. Every single market selloff in history has given way to new market highs later. This will be no different. If you have cash on the side-lines it makes far more sense to buy at these sale prices. Stay cool and protect your health instead of worrying about short term financial gyrations. 
The World Health Organization has warned of a […]

Stimulus Efforts in 2020

The Year Ahead: More Stimulus Efforts?

As we start a new decade, with the prevailing theme of slower global economic growth, many investors are asking: what lies ahead? Hong Kong has fallen into recession, while various European countries have been struggling with declining growth. Even China, the hub of global growth over recent decades, is experiencing slower growth.
Canada continues its longest economic expansion on record. Largely due to a strong labour market, the Canadian economy has recently been supported by consumer spending as well as […]

Checking Investment Performance

How Often Are You Checking Investment Performance?

Technology continues to change the speed at which we process information. According to Netflix, it takes just 1.8 seconds for subscribers to consider each program title they encounter.1 Studies show that online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase if they can retrieve product information more quickly. It was reported that for every 100 millisecond improvement in load time, Walmart experienced up to a one percent increase in online revenue.2
At the same time, we’ve conditioned ourselves to seek […]

Investing takes grit

Investing Takes ‘Grit’

If there’s one thing the extended bull market run has taught us, it’s that investing takes “grit.” Often dubbed “the most hated bull market of all time,” as reported by the media for many years now.
Grit is about having the same goal for a very long time, and sticking to it despite setbacks or failures. Researchers have determined that it can be one of the greatest predictors of an individual’s long-term success, even more important than IQ or wealth.1
As […]

Best GIC Rates

A Win-Win? Socially Responsible Investing

The release of Forbes magazine, 2019 Just 100 list suggests that Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of Nations, may be more prophetic than ever. In Smith’s book, published in 1776, he used an “invisible hand” metaphor to suggest that in a free-market economy, businesses pursuing their own economic interests can end up serving the interests of society. Fast forward to today and the Just 100 list demonstrates that many large, U.S. publicly-traded corporations are successfully aligning business practices with […]


Budget 2019: New Housing Affordability and Retirement Planning Initiatives

In late March, the Federal Government tabled their final budget prior to October’s federal election. The Budget holds key initiatives aimed at helping young people with housing affordability, and to help seniors with retirement planning. Here are some notable changes that may impact you or your loved ones, specifically targeting the young and the old:
The Young: Housing Affordability
While many children may be hoping for support from the bank of mom and dad to purchase a home, if this isn’t […]