Managing Cashflow

Do You Have Visibility Over Your Cash Flow?

Regardless of your life stage or income level, creating a personal cash flow statement can be a valuable exercise. In a basic sense, it is a snapshot of your sources of income, as well as what you’re spending and saving.
Do you know how much you spent last year, or how much was spent on each type of expenditure? Although many of us have good visibility over our income, we may not have a clear picture of where funds are […]

Importance of an Emergency Fund

Pandemic Lessons For The Young: Start an Emergency Fund

It is heartening to read some good news lately. There has been far too much news of the opposite variety during the COVID-19 pandemic, to understate the obvious. But talks of continuing to ‘flatten the curve,’ advancements in science, and gradually re-opening businesses are starting to creep into the daily news—and not a moment too soon.
One of the key financial advice takeaways I have from all this turmoil is the overwhelming need to have an emergency fund.
While it’s been […]

Digital Security - Tips

Online Accounts: Tips to Improve your Digital Security

As technology advances, online crimes continue to improve in sophistication, and our digital security is increasingly being challenged. If our choice of passwords is any indication, we may not be doing our best to stay secure. According to a recent report, 23.2 million people who had their online accounts hacked were still using the password, “123456.”1
Ways to Improve Our Digital Security
Here are some basic tips to improve your digital security. While many of these tips may seem obvious, this […]

Teaching kids about finances

Teaching Kids About Finance in the Digital Age

If you’re having a hard time pulling your (grand)child away from their smartphone, you’re not alone. A recent CBC article shed some light on the complications emerging from smartphone use. Meal delivery services have become so ubiquitous that high-school students are ordering meals to school. One high school reported 50 to 70 deliveries in a day before a ban was put in place.1
It may seem harmless, but there are concerns that deeper behaviours are being cultivated. In this age […]

Confident Outlook in 2020

Looking Ahead with Confidence in 2020

Happy New Year, and welcome to the new decade!
The start of any new year is a time often rife with market predictions. But remember to keep perspective during prediction season.
Perhaps one of the more striking reminders of the dangers of predictions occurred 40 years ago when Businessweek Magazine declared the “Death of Equities.” It warned the “death of equities as a near permanent condition.” While inflation was rampant and markets did perform poorly during this time, as Bloomberg […]

Gift Funds

Thinking About Gifting Funds to Adult Children?

Most of us have heard the statement: “back in my day, I walked uphill both ways to get to school.” But given the rising costs to own a home or earn a higher education, perhaps kids these days don’t have it as easy as we may think. If we look back 35 years, the average cost of a home was only 1.6 times annual family income; today, it has climbed to around eight times average income. Tuition costs have […]

Happiness is linked to Money

Happiness has a Dollar Value—Less than You Think

What drives our happiness? This is a question that researchers continue to investigate. Despite the oft-repeated adage suggesting otherwise, there is indeed an intrinsic link between money and happiness. However, the research might surprise you.
Each year, the United Nations (UN) measures the happiness of countries globally in its World Happiness Report. According to the UN, the variables that drive a nation’s happiness include income, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, trust, and generosity. Canada consistently places in the top […]

Arrowsmith Search and Rescue members

Volunteering for Arrowsmith Search & Rescue

I have always wanted to volunteer in my community, doing something that impacts peoples lives. So, two years ago I joined Arrowsmith Search and Rescue. I am really enjoying the experience, and hope that my efforts positively affect the people we serve. 
Because of my previous military training, I believed that S&R (Search & Rescue) was the best fit for me. From a training perspective, we are all required to complete the initial MIT (Member in Training) course. If you graduate from that course, you then move […]


Dealing with the Loss of a Spouse

The death of a spouse can be one of life’s most devastating events. Complicating matters, during a time when a surviving spouse may feel as though they are unable to deal with life’s routines, many new tasks will need to be taken care of. Seeking the support of others may be important, whether it be family members, trusted friends or even professionals.  
Here are some financial steps that may need to be undertaken while navigating this difficult time. Many of […]


Kids & Wealth: To Shirtsleeves in Three Generations?

There is a saying, “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations,” which suggests that wealth gained by a family can easily be lost in just three generations. As such, many wealthy families are now focusing on teaching children how to manage money to try and encourage its longevity.   
Instilling sound financial values at a young age can be relevant for any family to improve financial success. Here are some ideas to get children started on the right path:  
1. Start with your Money […]