Cash Flow is Money in Motion

I recall a moment years ago, sitting with my brother-in-law, when his son entered the room and said “dad, I need some flow”. Dad calmly pulled out his wallet and handed over a $20. Cash flow in action. Positive for one individual, negative for the other. I know which end of this equation I prefer – my father would have turned the garden hose on me as that was his idea of ‘flow’ when I asked a similar version […]


The Future of Shopping is About to Take a Huge Leap

Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year, and now plans a future with no cashiers in their stores. Before long there will be many other stores with no cashiers or sales staff – we will simply scan a QR code posted with merchandise to get every bit of relevant sales information we need. Then we will stuff our purchases in our driverless cars and be driven home. Cashless purchasing from cashierless stores, autonomous cars, drones, cryptocurrency. It’s hard to keep […]


5 Key Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2018

How Machine Learning Will Change Everything
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing. Expect us to post more on this subject as breakthroughs appear more frequently in the headlines and investment themes arise.
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The retirement advice most people don’t expect

Spend more money, have more fun, give more away
Ted Rechtshaffen: You worked for many years to be in a good financial position — now is the time to realize some of the benefits. The clock is ticking
One of our key roles is to help clients understand their money. What does the balance mean in terms of how they can live? We are educators as well as Investment Advisors. What are safe retraction rates and how do we balance current […]


Welcoming Iwona Nicastri to Our Advisory Team

Precision Wealth Management is pleased to welcome Iwona Nicastri to our Advisory team effective September 1, 2017.
Iwona brings years of experience, an established client base and her high values and ethics into the firm. She is thrilled to make Oceanside the new home for herself and her family and looks forward to helping PWM with its growth plan.


The Seven Megatrends That Can Beat Global Warming

An article from The Guardian caught my interest and I thought it might catch yours. Not only do these trends have serious implications toward global warming but they also give us far more reason to have investment market optimism. At a time where we are carefully watching the very lengthy business cycle, while worrying about its end, and pessimism prevails against a backdrop of everything Trump, it is important to look at what’s going right. Human ingenuity and the continual drive […]

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Zero to 22 Years in the Blink of an Eye

The Story of Precision Wealth Management
It was approaching the mid 1990’s and I had left a working relationship with a multinational Oil company. I could no longer believe in the industry, the long term sustainability, the prospects and the lengths taken to make money, to too many exclusions. I needed to control my own destiny and be closer to helping people instead of the employees and shareholders of massive organizations.
A love of finance sparks a surprising new beginning
In my youth […]


Broad Asset Allocation

Everyone has heard it said that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Unfortunately, it is a mistake that is made all too often in the world of investment. Here’s one common scenario. You find a great investment, and commit a good deal of money to it. When that investment grows, you’re excited. Then disaster strikes – a company scandal, a sudden corporate collapse. Suddenly, your financial landscape is damaged, maybe even devastated. How could this have […]