The Seven Megatrends That Can Beat Global Warming

An article from The Guardian caught my interest and I thought it might catch yours. Not only do these trends have serious implications toward global warming but they also give us far more reason to have investment market optimism. At a time where we are carefully watching the very lengthy business cycle, while worrying about its end, and pessimism prevails against a backdrop of everything Trump, it is important to look at what’s going right. Human ingenuity and the continual drive […]

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Zero to 22 Years in the Blink of an Eye

The Story of Precision Wealth Management
It was approaching the mid 1990’s and I had left a working relationship with a multinational Oil company. I could no longer believe in the industry, the long term sustainability, the prospects and the lengths taken to make money, to too many exclusions. I needed to control my own destiny and be closer to helping people instead of the employees and shareholders of massive organizations.
A love of finance sparks a surprising new beginning
In my youth […]


Broad Asset Allocation

Everyone has heard it said that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Unfortunately, it is a mistake that is made all too often in the world of investment. Here’s one common scenario. You find a great investment, and commit a good deal of money to it. When that investment grows, you’re excited. Then disaster strikes – a company scandal, a sudden corporate collapse. Suddenly, your financial landscape is damaged, maybe even devastated. How could this have […]


What makes some investment portfolios successful, while others fail?

“Why do some financial advisors reap solid financial gains for their clients, while others see potentially devastating losses?”
These are questions that our advisors hear all the time – and if you haven’t asked your financial advisor these questions, then you should. The answer to these questions, the difference between investment success and failure, is smart investing. Your wealth isn’t just about money, it’s about protecting and nurturing the things that matter to you. Before any investment is recommended for […]