Who’s the Boss?

I still recall clearly, as a newly minted Insurance and Investment Advisor, back in the 1990’s, reading and accepting the Code of Ethics. In particular, the duty to ‘act in the best interest of the client’. Nothing else ever occurred to me (Advisors actually have to agree with this?) and I accepted it as perhaps a legal standard but most certainly as the ethical one. What other way is there? It is now with fascination, and some disbelief, I […]


Will Power

It’s Make a Will Week. How exciting huh? As if tax season wasn’t enough fun.
It remains remarkable to me that so many people have not bothered to make a will, or have not updated theirs to reflect changes in their situation. In our role as Financial Advisors, we have a duty to motivate our clients to completing this, obviously, important task. We are to be a catalyst in this. To that end, we have many suggestions, we are willing […]


Welcoming Natalie Smith to Our Administration Team

Precision Wealth Management is delighted to welcome Natalie Smith to our firm. Natalie comes to us with considerable client management experience and we are happy to have her wonderful demeanour at our front desk, welcoming clients into the practice. She started February 16th and we hope she will be here for many years.


Cash Flow is Money in Motion

I recall a moment years ago, sitting with my brother-in-law, when his son entered the room and said “dad, I need some flow”. Dad calmly pulled out his wallet and handed over a $20. Cash flow in action. Positive for one individual, negative for the other. I know which end of this equation I prefer – my father would have turned the garden hose on me as that was his idea of ‘flow’ when I asked a similar version […]


The Future of Shopping is About to Take a Huge Leap

Amazon acquired Whole Foods last year, and now plans a future with no cashiers in their stores. Before long there will be many other stores with no cashiers or sales staff – we will simply scan a QR code posted with merchandise to get every bit of relevant sales information we need. Then we will stuff our purchases in our driverless cars and be driven home. Cashless purchasing from cashierless stores, autonomous cars, drones, cryptocurrency. It’s hard to keep […]


5 Key Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2018

How Machine Learning Will Change Everything
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing. Expect us to post more on this subject as breakthroughs appear more frequently in the headlines and investment themes arise.
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financial planning retirement vacation

The retirement advice most people don’t expect

Spend more money, have more fun, give more away
Ted Rechtshaffen: You worked for many years to be in a good financial position — now is the time to realize some of the benefits. The clock is ticking
One of our key roles is to help clients understand their money. What does the balance mean in terms of how they can live? We are educators as well as Investment Advisors. What are safe retraction rates and how do we balance current […]


Welcoming Jake Steele to Our Advisory Team

Precision Wealth Management is delighted to add Jake Steele to our Advisory team effective November 1, 2017.
Jake brings many years of financial market experience as well as his high values and commitment to excellence.
Jake and his wife look forward to many years of life and work in the mid island area.


Welcoming Iwona Nicastri to Our Advisory Team

Precision Wealth Management is pleased to welcome Iwona Nicastri to our Advisory team effective September 1, 2017.
Iwona brings years of experience, an established client base and her high values and ethics into the firm. She is thrilled to make Oceanside the new home for herself and her family and looks forward to helping PWM with its growth plan.