Partnership with Quintessence Wealth

A Major Shift with Great Things Ahead

Is Friday the 13th a frightening day? Not to us. On this particular one we announce a major shift … not frightening at all, in fact, very exciting. A harbinger of great things ahead.
Today is the day we officially partner with Quintessence Wealth. A new engine in behind our company.
A Whole Host of Advantages
A shift to this new model brings us a whole host of advantages. Gone are the higher costs of a traditional investment dealership relationship. Gone is […]

Importance of an Emergency Fund

Pandemic Lessons For The Young: Start an Emergency Fund

It is heartening to read some good news lately. There has been far too much news of the opposite variety during the COVID-19 pandemic, to understate the obvious. But talks of continuing to ‘flatten the curve,’ advancements in science, and gradually re-opening businesses are starting to creep into the daily news—and not a moment too soon.
One of the key financial advice takeaways I have from all this turmoil is the overwhelming need to have an emergency fund.
While it’s been […]


We Will Be Ready — For Now Let’s Tame this Viral Beast

Good day to all of our great clients. We do miss the regular face to face meetings. Having you in our office is truly something we miss right now. Social distancing is critical during this surreal period with the COVID-19 pandemic, and I have no doubt we will get through this. I absolutely and unequivocally believe in human ingenuity. We have what it takes to get past this so let’s all do our part, and then some.I have a considerable […]


“Time” Will Tell

I hope this finds you all well and safe.
We are going through an unprecedented health scare. That remains the only thing we think you should be totally focused on. Defence.
We are NOT going through an unprecedented time in capital markets. For me, writing on behalf of the Precision Wealth Management team, this is my third major pullback while being in an Advisory role. And like the images below demonstrate, we’ve seen how this movie ends in the investment environment. […]

Stay Calm during this global crisis

Focus on Health and Stay Calm

A message from Cliff Broetz, Leader of Strategic Development, on behalf of the Precision Wealth Management Team.
Dear Clients,
Here we are again urging you to stay calm. To focus on health and not on financial markets. That message is now being shouted rather than whispered. I’ve attached a few articles from early (very early) reading this morning. I sincerely hope these articles help:

The U.S. Is In A Bear Market. There Could Be A Recession. But This Is Not 2008
A Frontline […]

Commentary on the Markets & Coronavirus

Market Commentary: ‘Stay Patient’

A message from Cliff Broetz, Leader of Strategic Development, on behalf of the Precision Wealth Management Team.
Dear Clients,I was recently reminded of an article I wrote in 2008, when there was a financial crisis and every day was challenging. I wrote about remaining steadfast at my desk for long hours to calm frayed nerves. If clients needed me, I was there. And the next article I wrote changed just slightly to say, ‘you will now find me working hard […]

TedTalks about Coronavirus

Coronavirus, Markets, Lunacy and Truth

One of the serious difficulties seemingly every day is finding truth in reporting. News can be old news, unbalanced news, fake news, exaggerated news and outright lies. What can we believe? The Coronavirus headlines is the latest such example. Oh, and don’t even try looking for political leadership on the subject, not on this continent at least.
I had my haircut the other day and my ‘stylist’ said he was at Costco recently and the cashier line-ups were all the […]

Precision Wealth Management

ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes at Precision Wealth Management

It was Heraclitus who 2500 years ago observed that “Nothing endures but change.” In our times, change is happening faster than ever.

Here at Precision Wealth Management, we’ve been undergoing rapid changes over the past 3 years. We believe that these changes are crucial, in order to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients. To that end, we’ve welcomed a new generation of advisors to the team. They bring a fresh perspective and insights from other parts of the […]

financial advisors parksville - carly broetz

Financial Advisors Team in Parksville Continues to Expand

Precision Wealth Management is pleased to announce the arrival of Carly Broetz. Carly joins the growing financial advisory team at our office in Parksville.
Carly comes to Precision Wealth from Fidelity Investments of Boston Massachusetts, and was based in their Vancouver office. Fidelity is one of the largest investment asset management companies in the world.
Carly brings her energy and client relationship skills to our company. She looks forward to collaborating with our team of financial advisors in delivering wealth management services to Parksville, […]


Iwona Nicastri Named to Young Guns 2019 List

Precision Wealth Management is thrilled to announce our very own Iwona Nicastri has been selected by Wealth Professional as one of Canada’s top young professionals.
Here are some details from the article:
What makes a wealth professional a Young Gun? It is their contributions to the industry at a young age, the products they’ve developed, the leadership roles they’ve taken on, the awards they’ve won?
The answer is all of the above – and then some. The 2019 Wealth Professional Canada Young […]