Keeping the Elderly Safe

Are you concerned about elderly parents or relatives? A recent CBC news report provided a disturbing account of an elderly man who fell prey to an online dating scam. Over an eight-month period, he communicated with someone posing as his girlfriend and lost over $700,000 by wiring funds overseas.1
As it turns out, stories of financial abuse of the elderly aren’t as uncommon as we think. It doesn’t always happen from afar and can occur at home to acquaintances or […]

Market uncertainty

No Safe Bets: Invest to Stomach some Uncertainty

I WILL NOT crave certainty. Although it’s our nature to seek assurances, “safe bets” in investing are either frauds or won’t deliver returns that keep up with inflation.
There are two types of “safe bets,” both of which promise a guarantee, but one results in financial hardship much more suddenly.
Bankers refer to the first type of “safe bet” as a deposit account. The second type is typically referred to as fraud, but conmen prefer descriptors, such as “risk-free” and “a […]

Patient Investor

The Patient Investor

The human brain is not equipped to be patient and stay disciplined when the market is in a tail spin. We are conditioned through millions of years of evolution to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This is why so many investors make the mistake of selling at the very worst times when the market is down. It’s moments like this that you see some of the best opportunities in the market.
How do you counteract making investment errors at […]


Iwona Nicastri Named to Young Guns 2019 List

Precision Wealth Management is thrilled to announce our very own Iwona Nicastri has been selected by Wealth Professional as one of Canada’s top young professionals.
Here are some details from the article:
What makes a wealth professional a Young Gun? It is their contributions to the industry at a young age, the products they’ve developed, the leadership roles they’ve taken on, the awards they’ve won?
The answer is all of the above – and then some. The 2019 Wealth Professional Canada Young […]