Cannabis: The New Kid on the Block

With the federal government’s target of this summer to pass legislation on cannabis, Canada will join Uruguay to become only the second country in the world to legalize its consumption and sale. Since Canada announced its intent to legalize marijuana, the market has rapidly changed. According to Bloomberg, there were 84 cannabis-related companies trading on Canadian stock exchanges at the start of the year, collectively worth $37 billion.1
As equity prices have skyrocketed over recent months and attracted significant attention, […]


Gifts with strings attached are not really gifts

The notion of a true gift is that it is an act of generosity, or love and caring. There are no strings attached. Gifts from investment companies come with two faults. The first is that they come with an expectation of loyalty. The second issue is about who is paying for the gift. In our mind, accepting gifts from investment companies inflates our clients’ costs. We want no part of that and have written to them stating that.
The recent […]


Who’s the Boss?

I still recall clearly, as a newly minted Insurance and Investment Advisor, back in the 1990’s, reading and accepting the Code of Ethics. In particular, the duty to ‘act in the best interest of the client’. Nothing else ever occurred to me (Advisors actually have to agree with this?) and I accepted it as perhaps a legal standard but most certainly as the ethical one. What other way is there? It is now with fascination, and some disbelief, I […]


Will Power

It’s Make a Will Week. How exciting huh? As if tax season wasn’t enough fun.
It remains remarkable to me that so many people have not bothered to make a will, or have not updated theirs to reflect changes in their situation. In our role as Financial Advisors, we have a duty to motivate our clients to completing this, obviously, important task. We are to be a catalyst in this. To that end, we have many suggestions, we are willing […]

market Volatility

Volatility: Back Again

Volatility is back again. As the equity markets continue their ups and downs, investors would be prudent to remember that volatility is a common part of the markets.
Just how common? Over the past 25 years, the S&P/TSX Composite index fell in over 38 percent of the time, month over month.1 Over a 40-year period, this reached almost 40 percent, demonstrating just how frequent downward market movements are.
More recently, however, equity markets have been relatively placid. In fact, in 2016 […]


Snowbirds: Remember the Residency Rules

Spring is the time when most “snowbirds” return to Canada after fleeing the winter weather for warmer places south of the border. It is also tax season once again and, if you spend significant time in the U.S. during the winter months, you should be aware of the potential tax consequences. For snowbirds who escape to the U.S., did you know that you could be considered a U.S. resident for tax purposes?
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) uses the […]