Gratitude and Reflection

This past year has truly been one of change for us. As much as the long term plan has been crafted over numerous years, the implementation of our plan has kept us very busy. New faces, new spaces and the vision of such a great future coming together rapidly.
We welcomed Christopher Briggs as a new Advisor a year ago, this year we welcomed Tighe McMillan to help on the administration side. In September we added Iwona Nicastri as an […]

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The retirement advice most people don’t expect

Spend more money, have more fun, give more away
Ted Rechtshaffen: You worked for many years to be in a good financial position — now is the time to realize some of the benefits. The clock is ticking
One of our key roles is to help clients understand their money. What does the balance mean in terms of how they can live? We are educators as well as Investment Advisors. What are safe retraction rates and how do we balance current […]

Financial Planner Your Best Interest

10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Bank’s Financial Advisor

Does your financial advisor have YOUR best interests at the centre of everything they do for you?
Here are some questions to ask yourself about the financial planner at your bank.
Think of the last time you were at the bank to have an investment review. Then ask yourself:

How did it go?
Did they solely focus on returns and the markets, or were they interested to find out what your plan is with your money and how to deploy it for you?
Did they […]