The Seven Megatrends That Can Beat Global Warming

An article from The Guardian caught my interest and I thought it might catch yours. Not only do these trends have serious implications toward global warming but they also give us far more reason to have investment market optimism. At a time where we are carefully watching the very lengthy business cycle, while worrying about its end, and pessimism prevails against a backdrop of everything Trump, it is important to look at what’s going right. Human ingenuity and the continual drive […]

currency fluctuation

How do currency fluctuations affect your investment portfolio?

One of the advantages of our modern day is the ability to invest around the world, thereby enjoying exposure to companies and regions that were previously not available to us. It is important, however, to understand that once you invest outside the borders of Canada you take on an additional risk — being currency risk. If you are investing in the US, Europe or Asia, the mangers you hire have to keep an eye on the currencies of these […]