Financial Planner Your Best Interest

10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Bank’s Financial Advisor

Does your financial advisor have YOUR best interests at the centre of everything they do for you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself about the financial planner at your bank.

Think of the last time you were at the bank to have an investment review. Then ask yourself:

  1. How did it go?
  2. Did they solely focus on returns and the markets, or were they interested to find out what your plan is with your money and how to deploy it for you?
  3. Did they offer advice on how to tax-efficiently draw down income on all your investments?
  4. Did they ensure that you’re utilizing the proper tax shelters for your investments and that they’re maxed out accordingly?
  5. Did they present you with a “plan” but it didn’t make sense or was perhaps not aligned with your goals? Did they thoroughly explain the steps through to retirement?
  6. Did your banker work closely with your accountant to ensure you’re saving all the money you can by reducing your income tax bill?
  7. Did they draw attention to the fees you’re paying in dollar figures versus percentages and do you feel you get great value from what you’re being charged at the bank?
  8. Have you ever asked for a second opinion? Almost all advisors are willing to provide a second opinion with no obligation.
  9. When you went into the bank were you dealing with yet another new person?
  10. Has the person you’re dealing with seen your life through their existing clients experiences? Do they come with the knowledge and expertise you deserve for your retirement dreams?

Be certain you’re getting the best for you – personalized professional advice, that comes with a lifetime relationship.

Let’s focus on you. The positive returns in your accounts will simply be a result of your advisor practicing correctly. At Precision Wealth Management we work diligently and endlessly for our clients to always be sure they’re getting the best advantages.

Whether our clients are sailing around the salty seas, sipping wine in Tuscany, or playing hide-and-seek with their children and grandchildren, they trust us to maintain their investments, so they can maintain their lifestyle.

Stop in for a coffee and we’ll show you how.

Live Wealthy,

Christopher Briggs

Christopher Briggs, RRC