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Pension Income Splitting: Can It Make a Difference?

Tax season is here! If you have eligible pension income, there may be an opportunity to split income with a spouse/common-law partner. But just how much of an impact can this make?  
For tax purposes, up to 50 percent of eligible pension income can be split with a spouse.
Eligible pension income is determined by the recipient’s age and the nature of the income. In general, under age 65, it includes amounts received from a registered pension plan.* Over age 65, it […]


A Global Perspective: Where Does Canada Stand?

We may sometimes forget that the Canadian equity markets are small. Just how small? Canada’s equity markets represent less than 3 percent of the world’s total equity market (by market capitalization) and we rank as the 6th largest in the world.1 The largest, our neighbour to the south — the United States — represents around 42 percent of the worldwide equity markets.
When it comes to investing, in the past Canadians often had a home bias. Remember that until 2005, the federal government […]


Diversify Investments for an Unknown Future

I WILL NOT try to predict the future or listen to those who claim they can. Whatever happens next is anyone’s guess. I can take comfort in knowing that I am properly diversified.
Living up to our “wet-coast” reputation, it rains nearly every second day on Vancouver Island. Although, rainfall and sunshine generally don’t alternate, forecasting the weather is extremely difficult – especially over longer periods of time. I have no idea if it is going to rain on this […]


Federal Budget 2019 Summary

Here are highlights from the 2019 Federal Budget, which seeks to close tax loop holes to make a fairer tax system, and offers incentives for first time home buyers, training credits for eligible workers, and improvements to the Registered Disability Savings Plan:
Modernizing the Home Buyers’ Plan
Currently, the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) allows first-time home owners to withdraw up to $25,000 from their Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to purchase or build a home, without paying withdrawal tax. The amount […]


It can be Taxing to be a Snowbird

With the days growing longer and nights warmer, it may be easy to forget the polar vortex that froze many parts of Canada this winter. For some, the cold prompted an escape to warmer climates down south. If you are a “snowbird” — spending considerable amounts of time in the U.S. — you need to be aware of U.S. income tax implications.
Even if you have no U.S. tax to pay, you may be subject to various U.S. tax filing […]


Dealing with the Loss of a Spouse

The death of a spouse can be one of life’s most devastating events. Complicating matters, during a time when a surviving spouse may feel as though they are unable to deal with life’s routines, many new tasks will need to be taken care of. Seeking the support of others may be important, whether it be family members, trusted friends or even professionals.  
Here are some financial steps that may need to be undertaken while navigating this difficult time. Many of […]


Want your Money? Come and Get it! 

Do you have a pesky Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA) or Life Income Fund (LIF) that you want access to without a huge tax burden?  
If you’re currently withdrawing the minimum annual payment from your LIF, or if you have a LIRA and want to explore if you can unlock some or all this money — we can help.  
There are different rules for different pension legislations, provincial and/or federal, but there is one rule that is uniform across almost all jurisdictions – If you’re only taking the […]


Kids & Wealth: To Shirtsleeves in Three Generations?

There is a saying, “from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations,” which suggests that wealth gained by a family can easily be lost in just three generations. As such, many wealthy families are now focusing on teaching children how to manage money to try and encourage its longevity.   
Instilling sound financial values at a young age can be relevant for any family to improve financial success. Here are some ideas to get children started on the right path:  
1. Start with your Money […]

Ron Hickey Wealth Advisor Parksville

Welcoming Ron Hickey to Our Advisor Team

We are growing to serve you better! Precision Wealth Management is delighted to welcome Ron Hickey, the newest Wealth Advisor to join our firm.
Ron brings a depth of valuable experience in the financial industry. He is looking forward to working with our Wealth Advisors to bring our clients the very best financial solutions available.
Why did he choose us? One important reason he says, “is the desire to move forward with an independent firm—one that focuses on the […]


Investing while in a Coma

As advisors we can get frustrated with our clients when we know that they are making the wrong decisions at the wrong times. Sometimes the most important part of my job is saving people from themselves.
I would like to demonstrate my point with a story of fiction, based on actual data:
Many years ago there were 3 friends named Chris, Bob and Alfred. They decided to each invest $100,000 with me at Precision Wealth Management. They all had similar risk […]