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US Election 2020

Will the Outcome of the US Election Impact the Stock Market?

What will happen to the stock market if Joe Biden wins?
What happens if Donald Trump wins?
I am going to look at these questions from a historical market perspective. I am not going to look at who might be better for the economy or who will be better for the country. This is not a political blog. I am going to look at these questions from the perspective how the market has done in relation to different presidents […]

Increasing Rate of Change

The Increasing Rate of Change

It has been said, “there are decades where nothing seems to happen and then there are weeks where decades happen.” This spring was no exception. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced change that has occurred at unprecedented speeds, including physical distancing, home isolation, and the voluntary shut down of economies. This led to equally unprecedented reactions: oil futures prices falling to negative levels and rebounding, entire industries being shut down, and record unemployment levels.
Equity markets reacted in a […]

Advisors act as risk managers

Our Role in Managing Risk

The exogenous event of COVID-19 has been an uncomfortable reminder that we are all vulnerable to unforeseen risks that can have unprecedented effects. As investors, we could try and avoid these terrible events, but for most of us, overly defensive tactics, such as not participating in the markets, wouldn’t help in achieving our goals over the longer term.
As the saying goes, perhaps “the correct lesson to learn from surprises is that the world is surprising.” Equity markets inherently come […]

Common Investment mistakes

During Uncertain Times: Avoid These Investing Mistakes

Uncertain times often highlight the mistakes that investors can make with their portfolios. During buoyant markets, making money may not seem difficult. However, the reckoning often comes when markets turn down. Suddenly, mistakes can become glaringly apparent.
Here are some of the more common investing errors:
Overlooking Diversification
The concentration of assets in too few areas can be a common problem. Despite the broad-based market declines we have recently experienced, certain sectors have performed very differently. Some technology companies have outperformed as […]

Life Insurance for Business

Life Insurance Solutions for Business Owners

There are over a million small businesses in Canada, and if you own one of them, there’s a very good chance you need life insurance.
Life insurance is an essential part of planning for the future of your company. When you own a business, many people outside of your family depend on you for their livelihoods, and life insurance ensures a future for their job if you pass away.
Here are life insurance solutions for business owners:
Key Person Insurance
Key person insurance […]

Magazine Headlines Deter Investors

Headlines Sell Magazines—But Do They Help You Invest?

If you followed your investing strategy based on the headlines of major news publications, you would not be blamed for never investing. News headlines can be overly negative because that is what sells.
As a former trader, we used to joke that you do the opposite of whatever is on the cover of the Economist. This is not to say that much of what is written is untrue, it is just lagging by weeks or months. The markets are forward-looking, […]

Investing in 2020

What is the Economic Path Forward?

It may be difficult to remember, but it was only months ago that we were in the midst of the longest economic expansion in history. How quickly things have changed. As a result, many investors are asking: what is the economic path forward? 
Beyond the terrible health consequences of the pandemic, the short-term economic effects have been equally extraordinary. We have seen individuals, companies, and industries affected in adverse ways. COVID-19 has also helped to accelerate certain existing economic and […]

RRIFs and Retirement Strategy

The RRIF and Your Retirement Withdrawal Strategy

Many of us contribute to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to achieve tax deductions and tax-deferred growth to plan for retirement. When the RRSP must be collapsed, funds are often converted to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), which requires minimum withdrawals prescribed by the government based on age (please refer to Canada Revenue Agency for withdrawal rules). RRIF withdrawals are treated as taxable income.
If you plan on holding a RRIF, some forethought should go into your withdrawal […]

Tax Planning is a Year-Round Exercise

Saving Tax is a Year-Round Exercise

Spring is the time when taxes are top of mind as personal income tax returns are due. Did you take action to reduce your tax bill in 2019? Perhaps you can do better this year. Here are four ways to help minimize payables to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA):

“Reduce” Your Refund — If you receive a tax refund from the CRA on a regular basis, this shouldn’t be a cause for celebration. You’re effectively providing an interest-free loan to […]

Gradually re-opening our office during Phase 2 of BC's Restart Plan

Phase Two of BC’s Restart Plan: Gradually Re-Opening our Office

Starting Tuesday May 19th, we are gradually re-opening our office. The health of our clients, couriers, staff and advisors, and our families are of the utmost importance. We are taking measures to align with the protocols set by the Provincial Medical Officer, in Phase Two of BC’s Restart Plan.
It is important to note that while we will be open, we are still respecting Social Distancing rules. In addition:

We prefer to run meetings through phone or video conference, unless it’s imperative the meeting be in […]